Burlington Riding Association

Our Mission:

The Ontario Liberal Party's mission in government is to ensure Ontarians are well educated and highly skilled, that they can enjoy the best of health, supported by high quality, universal medicare, and that they can depend on both a cleaner environment and a stronger economy.

The Burlington Provincial Liberal Association is here to serve all the people of Burlington. Our job is to:

  1. Communicate and promote the Ontario Liberal Party's policies to the people of Burlington.
  2. To communicate to the party leadership the needs and opinions of our members and the people of Burlington, in order to ensure Burlington's needs continue to be met by Liberal policy.
  3. To elect a Liberal member for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Our People:

The Burlington Provincial Liberal Association exists due to the efforts of a strong dedicated team of volunteers. Working in a number of areas including, outreach, election readiness, fundraising, communications and policy, our goal is to build and engage the membership, to advocate on behalf Liberal principles and values, and to serve the people of Burlington by promoting relevant policy objectives to our leadership.

If you care about our province, and want to bring about progressive change and improvement in all areas of life, why not join our association?

Our Website:

Our website is designed to allow you to easily communicate with the BPLA and to know what events and information are available for your interests. Memberships, volunteering to support our candidate, and fundraising are all important features of the work Ontario Liberals do as we prepare for the next election. Donations of time, money, and expertise are welcomed anytime. Contact our president, Roland Tanner, for any information that you require.

Riding President
Matthew Wilson

Executive Vice President
Mike Quackenbush

Vesna Zdero

Ancilla Ho Young

Director (Membership)/Past President
Art Hilson

VP at large
Peter Hodgson