Wynne Creating Better Environment for Business

Opposition Parties Would Destroy Ontario’s Competitive Advantages

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne was at the annual Bloomberg Economic Summit today to tout the Liberal plan to build an attractive business climate featuring low tax rates, a skilled workforce and support for employees and their families outside of work.

The Liberal plan stands in stark contrast to the Hudak PCs, who plan to cut 100,000 jobs and slash the services that people and businesses rely on. This would plunge Ontario back into a recession.

Investments made by Liberals over the past 10 years have resulted in a highly educated workforce, reliable hospitals and health care, and a competitive corporate tax rate that is already among the lowest in North America.  This approach has produced results, with 459,000 net new jobs created since the low of the recession in June 2009, and almost 20,000 net new jobs created last month alone.

The 2014 Ontario Budget, which the Liberals are running on in this election, would:

  • Create 100,000 jobs every year through a new 10-year, $2.5-billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund;
  • Partner with business and industry to attract more investment to Ontario, including the partnerships with Cisco and OpenText;
  • Maintain a competitive corporate income tax rate that is already among the lowest in North America and is providing $2.3 billion in tax relief per year;
  • Ensure a highly-educated workforce with investments in post-secondary training. There are now an additional 161,000 new students attending post-secondary education –the largest growth in a 10 year period ever;
  • Support the skilled trades and apprenticeships with approximately 120,000 apprentices learning a trade today – double the amount than in 2003.
  • Invest $130-billion in transportation and infrastructure, including roads, public transit, bridges, highways, hospitals and schools all across our province over 10 years.

Andrea Horwath’s NDP chose not to support the Liberal Budget, putting these jobs and Ontario’s economic recovery at risk. Premier Wynne pledges to re-introduce the Liberal budget if the Ontario Liberals are re-elected on June 12.

The Hudak PC Pink Slip Pledge would drive Ontario into a low-wage, low-growth economy and plunge the province back into a recession. Tim Hudak’s approach would eliminate many of the jobs that have sustained Ontario’s attractive business climate, and would reverse gains made  in education, destroying Ontario’s competitive advantage. 


“Tim Hudak’s plan for austerity is a recipe for recession, plain and simple. Companies are hiring again. Consumer and business confidence are on the rise. But the state of our recovery is still fragile. The Hudak PC plan to fire thousands of people and drastically cut government spending is the wrong plan for Ontario at the worst possible time.”

Quick Facts 

  • In April 2014, Canada’s largest software company – OpenText – announced it would spend $2 billion over the next seven years to expand its workforce by 1,200 people – including many at its base in Waterloo.
  • In December 2013, the province announced a partnership with Cisco that could see up to 1,700 jobs created over the next 10 years as the networking company spends as much as $4 billion to expand its operations in Ontario.
  • Ontario has the lowest program spending per capita among Canadian provinces, and raises the lowest total revenue per capita, including funding from federal transfers.
  • According to the Mowat Centre, the people of Ontario contributed $11 billion more to the federal government than they received in return in 2009–10. This represents about $850 per Ontarian.


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