Liberals Fight Tim Hudak's Pink Slips Pledge

Cutting Jobs and Services Would Plunge Ontario Back Into Recession

Monday, May 12, 2014

This morning Premier Kathleen Wynne zeroed in on Tim Hudak’s reckless and radical approach that would cut jobs, reduce important services and plunge Ontario back into a recession.


The Hudak PCs would turn paycheques into pink slips for 100,000 people. That is five times the number of people who live in Trenton and twice the entire population of Belleville.


Under the Hudak PCs vital services would be dramatically slashed, impacting all Ontarians. Jobs that would be lost and services that would be cut under the Hudak PCs include:


  • Water Inspectors who help keep our water safe
  • Meat Inspectors who make sure our food is safe to eat
  • Workplace health and safety inspectors who ensure that employees are protected on the job
  • Corrections Officers who guard our prisons.
  • Hospital Support Staff who keep our hospitals running
  • Healthcare Researchers/Scientists who conduct world-leading research and save lives
  • Personal Support Workers who look after our parents and grandparents
  • College and other vocational instructors who teach trades and important skills
  • University instructors who mold young minds and prepare our students for the careers of tomorrow
  • Teachers who change the world
  • Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and daycare workers who instruct and care for our youngest children
  • Educational support staff who keep our schools running
  • Children's aid workers who get at-risk kids out of harm's way
  • Forest fire fighters who protect our communities
  • Nursing home inspectors who keep watch over some of our most vulnerable
  • Environmental inspectors who protect our air quality.

The Hudak PC proposal to slash 100,000 jobs would put Ontario’s economy at risk and plunge the province back into a recession. Fewer people at work will result in less money invested back into the economy, leading to thousands of layoffs of highly-skilled workers. Tim Hudak’s commitment to cancel major infrastructure projects would result in even more layoffs and reverse progress made to improve transit, bridges and highways.

Andrea Horwath’s NDP put Ontario’s economic recovery from the last recession at risk when they chose not to support the 2014 Liberal Budget, which would have made important investments in infrastructure and created jobs.



“Tim Hudak’s cuts would hurt families, cut critical services and devastate our economy.  His 100,000 Pink Slip Pledge would mean fewer teachers to support our children, fewer water and meat inspectors to keep us safe and fewer health care professionals to support our parents and grandparents. What is most troubling is these would just be the start of the Hudak PC cuts.”

— Premier Kathleen Wynne


Quick Facts 

  • The 2002 report by Justice Dennis O'Connor examined the fatal E.coli contamination of the drinking water in Walkerton Ontario. His report showed that the most serious case of water contamination in Canadian history could have been prevented by proper chlorination of drinking water. He also pointed to the region's public utilities managers and cutbacks by the Harris-Hudak PCs as contributors to the tragedy.
  • In Justice Roland Haines’ report from July 2004 regarding concerns about food safety at a meat inspection plant in Aylmer, he criticized the Harris-Hudak PCs for gutting the meat inspection system in Ontario.  By forcing many meat inspectors into the private sector, vacancies were created for provincial meat inspectors. Justice Haines focused on how those applying for the vacated positions often had little or no experience in the meat industry and fewer and fewer experienced inspectors were on hand to mentor the recruits.
  • When the Harris-Hudak PCs left office in 2003, only 56 per cent – roughly half – of Ontario students were graduating. Today, 83 per cent of students are graduating due to investments made by the Liberal government in education over the past 10 years.


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