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Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals Supporting Dynamic, Innovative Business Climate

Friday, May 9, 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne today highlighted how investments by the Liberal government in postsecondary education and research, along with a willingness to partner with industry, has created a dynamic business climate that is creating highly-skilled, high-paying jobs in Ontario.


The Liberal government has spurred job creation in Eastern Ontario by increasing funding to postsecondary institutions, maintaining a competitive corporate tax rate and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Liberals have also launched regional programs to help businesses expand and create jobs, like the Eastern Ontario Development Fund and the Rural Economic Development Program. The Liberal Budget from last week proposed to build on this success with a new 10-year Jobs and Prosperity Fund to attract business investments, strengthen the economy and create jobs.


Some of the companies along the 401 corridor in Eastern Ontario that are creating jobs thanks to the policies and programs of the Liberal government include:


  • Transformix, located in Kingston, is a premier supplier of factory automation systems and products. Since 2011, they have experienced huge growth in size and revenue.
  • GlobalMed Inc., located in Quinte West, is a corrugated medical tubing and fittings manufacturer that uses plastic injection moulding. They have grown from 30 employees in 1999 to more than 180 today.
  • Protoplast Inc., located in Cobourg, is a second-generation, family-owned plastic injection moulding company. They were named 2014 Processor of the Year at the Plastic News Executive Forum.
  • Eco-Tec, located in Pickering, designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases.
  • Flying Colours Corp., located in Peterborough, specializes in maintaining, repairing and modifying business aircraft. 
  • Sigma Stretch Film of Canada Co., located in Belleville, is a leading manufacturer of industrial stretch film, primarily used for pallet wraps. They now have more than 120 employees.
  • Ross Video Limited, located in Iroquois, manufactures switchers, control systems and robotic cameras for use in broadcast and live event production.
  • Domtech, located in Trenton, is a fully integrated manufacturer of a wide variety of electrical and electronic wire and cable products. They now have 100 employees.

These are the kinds of investments and high-skill, high-paying jobs that were put at risk by the Hudak PCs and Andrea Horwath’s NDP when they chose not to support the Budget. The Hudak PCs’ regressive, ideological opposition to a strong public postsecondary sector and strategic partnerships with business would take Ontario down a path toward a low-wage, low-growth economy.





“We need to work together with all of our postsecondary, business and industry partners in order to compete in the global economy. While we’re actively engaged in ensuring that Ontario has a dynamic business climate and Ontarians have the support they need to succeed, the Hudak PCs and the NDP are stuck at the starting blocks, unwilling or unable to recognize that we live in a globally competitive environment.”

— Premier Kathleen Wynne



  • Ontario has created 459,000 net new jobs since June 2009.
  • Ontario ranked third in North America for foreign direct investment (FDI) and has been ranked as Canada’s most competitive province.
  • Corporate Income Tax cuts deliver $2.3 billion of tax relief per year, making Ontario significantly more attractive for business investment, increasing productivity and competitiveness and creating more well-paying jobs.
  • Ontario Liberals have added 161,000 more students to the postsecondary system in the past ten years, the biggest ten-year growth in Ontario’s history.
  • Through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) the government has helped create and retain 15,400 jobs with a commitment of over $70 million to 126 projects. The fund has leveraged business investment of over $670 million.




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