Leadership Matters

Premier Wynne Visits Her Alma Mater in Richmond Hill

Monday, May 5, 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke to high school students about leadership today at a Free the Children event at Richmond Hill High School.

A proud graduate of Richmond Hill High School, Premier Wynne was excited to return to her alma mater. She joined Marc Kielburger and Free the Children to discuss leadership and her values as Premier.

Wynne told the students that leadership is about standing up for what’s right, even when others try to shout you down. Leaders have a vision, and they are willing to work with others to make it a reality.

As Ontario Premier, Wynne has led by making the tough decisions that are necessary to ensure our economic recovery and make our province a better place to live and do business, including:

  • Ontario Liberals introduced the 30% Off Tuition Grant, which saves eligible students with $1,730 on tuition in degree programs and $790 for students in diploma or certificate programs. Last year, the grant supported about 230,000 students with the cost of post-secondary.
  • Investing $295 million over two years for the highly successful Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy, which gives young people the opportunity to gain a foothold in the job market. The strategy has already helped over 10,000 young people get work experience and find jobs.
  • Standing up to Stephen Harper and the federal government after they refused to address the emerging pension crisis. Premier Wynne proposed an Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, a made-in-Ontario solution to help people save for their retirement.
  • Kathleen Wynne Liberals have a plan that includes more than $11 billion for elementary and secondary education infrastructure and $11.4 billion in major hospital expansion and redevelopment projects

Andrea Horwath’s decision to force this election has put all of these improvements at risk of Tim Hudak’s slash and burn agenda.

On June 12, Ontarians will choose between Premier Wynne’s plan for jobs and growth and Tim Hudak’s radical cuts.


“There’s nothing more inspiring than speaking with young people. I can’t wait to see the great leaders that they become. I believe that leadership is about making tough decisions – ones that provide opportunity now, as well as into the future. That’s what I will continue to do as Premier of Ontario.”

- Premier Kathleen Wynne


Quick Facts 

  • Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have a 10-year plan for a stronger Ontario that includes creating jobs with a new $2.5 billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund.
  • Our plan includes investing $130 billion in transit, infrastructure, hospitals and schools to make Ontario a better place to live and do business.
  • According to the Mowat Centre, the people of Ontario contributed $11 billion more to the federal government than they received in return in 2009–10. This represents about $850 per Ontarian.


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