Have You Seen Our New ad?

Our new ad outlines our plan for a fairer, better Ontario

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our new ad is called "Voices"

Almost a year ago at our AGM in Ottawa, I spoke about my belief that government has a role to play in creating opportunities for people to get ahead.

That is a choice and it's one that our Liberal team makes every day.

We choose to lift people up rather than divide them.

We choose to really listen to the voices of those we serve, and bring forward bold, innovative ideas to help make their lives more secure.

We choose to make our province a fairer, better place for everyone to live.

And that's why our new TV ad is about the challenges real people are facing across Ontario, and what our Liberal government is doing to help.

At the AGM, I also promised to visit every riding in our province before the next election. I wanted to hear directly from people who are having a hard time getting ahead in our changing economy. I've been to hundreds of communities since then and spoken with thousands of people. And what I've heard is that people are feeling uncertain.

Parents don't know if they'll be able to send their kids to school, or save enough for retirement. And the people I met who have had to change jobs and are working for minimum wage are really struggling. They don't know how they're going to keep up with the bills and put food on the table.

This is why our new ad is called "Voices." Our plan for a fairer, better Ontario is a direct response to what we've heard from people in this changing, uncertain economy.

And it's also about using our voices to fight for opportunity, security and a fair shot at getting ahead.

Unlike the negative ads you may have seen from Patrick Brown's Conservatives, our ad isn't about him or me.

Our ad is about the mom who is worried about paying the grocery bill or rent on time - because she needs to know that she's not alone.

It's about the dad who can only get contract work - because he deserves to know that someone is in his corner.

It's about the family who simply can't afford to send their kids to university - because these are the real problems keeping real families up at night all over Ontario.

And we are the only party with a plan to do something about it.

Our plan raises the minimum wage so that people who are working full-time in Ontario can provide for their families.

Our plan is providing free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students so that more of our young people can reach their potential.

Our plan is creating more affordable child care spaces so that parents can get back to work sooner and it's making the biggest expansion to medicare in a generation with OHIP+ -- making prescription medicines free for everyone under the age of 25.

Our economy is strong and Ontario is creating the most jobs in the country. But we still have more to do to ensure everyone is benefitting from that growth.

I know we can do better. That's what government exists to do.

Thank you for all you do to build a fairer, better Ontario.

And thank you for your support,

Kathleen Wynne
MPP, Don Valley West