Ontario Liberal Party Launches Grassroots Policy Consultation

Liberals to host a series of in-person meetings, expert panel discussions and online forums

Saturday, November 4, 2017

KITCHENER—At the Ontario Liberal Party, we believe a good idea can come from anywhere. That’s why we are once again opening up our policy development process to the people of Ontario, and  asking people to think about what the provincial government can continue to do to make Ontario a fairer, better place to live and work.

Today, the Party today launched “Common Ground,” a discussion series and online platform aimed at building policy from the ground up. As part of our commitment to an open, inclusive political process, the OLP will once again invite anyone and everyone in Ontario to contribute their best ideas through a series of in-person conversations with thought leaders, as well as an online policy forum at commonground.ontarioliberal.ca. People will be encouraged to submit, discuss, share, and vote on policy ideas on the website, and further discuss those ideas at the in-person and online meetings. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne launched the online platform today in Kitchener and kicked off the discussions with a conversation about building a fair economy with thought leaders, Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Irfhan Rawji, venture partner at Relay Ventures; and Naureen Rizvi, Ontario regional director at Unifor.

In the coming months, the discussion series will continue around the province to create more dialogue between people across Ontario, thought leaders from a range of fields, and Ontario Liberal MPPs.These discussions are open to the public and will also be streamed online.

Being open to new ideas and different approaches is crucial to overcoming our shared challenges in this time of global uncertainty. The plan we are putting in place came from the voices and real life experiences of people all over Ontario. With a growing economy and balanced budget, Ontario Liberals know now is the time to advance bold policies to ensure we build a fairer, better Ontario.

The Ontario Liberal Party’s plan for fairness and opportunity responds to the needs of Ontario families by increasing the minimum wage, ensuring workers receive equal pay for equal work, providing free prescription drugs to children and youth, and making college and university more accessible by reducing tuition for two-thirds of Ontario families. But our work is not finished and we want to hear from you. That’s why Common Ground is open to everyone. Ideas can be submitted, discussed and voted on at commonground.ontarioliberal.ca.  

An update on the Common Ground process will be provided at the Ontario Liberal Party Annual General Meeting in February.



“Every part of our Liberal plan for fairness and opportunity comes from listening to Ontario families. Free tuition, more child care spaces, raising the minimum wage, free prescription medication for children and youth — these bold steps forward for Ontario are the result of a progressive and inclusive political movement built from the ground up. Common Ground is one tool that will continue that open and collaborative engagement. We want everyone to have their say when it comes to our next steps in building a fairer, stronger Ontario for everyone. People have great ideas and I'm excited to hear them.”

— Premier Kathleen Wynne


“Our plan responds to the needs of Ontario citizens, and we are committed to an open, inclusive process to continue to add ideas to our plan that reflect our values as Liberals. We want to hear your ideas and work together through online and in-person dialogues to refine those ideas into actionable policies.”

— Yvan Baker MPP, Ontario Liberal Party platform co-chair


“As Liberals, we want to hear from you. We have a plan for fairness and opportunity, and we want to continue to refine and expand on that plan, together with our fellow citizens. This is an exciting, grassroots approach, and I can’t wait to see what comes of this process.”

— Damien O’Brien, Ontario Liberal Party platform co-chair



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