Ontario Liberals elect Lovina Srivastava as candidate in Nepean

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NEPEAN—Following a competitive nomination race with 3000 local members, Ontario Liberals have elected Lovina Srivastava, a hi-tech business owner, as candidate in Nepean for the spring 2018 provincial election. 

“I am committed and highly motivated to represent the people, businesses and community organizations of Nepean at Queen’s Park on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s team,” Srivastava said. “I pledge to work towards ensuring fairness and opportunity for this diverse riding.”

“My priority is to ensure we continue to foster our local high-tech sector to continue to bring high-paying jobs to our community, even as we work to ensure we support those working hard with a much-needed raise to the minimum wage of $15 an hour,” she said. 

Srivastava is the founder of Emprove Service Inc, an Ottawa-based technology consultancy; she previously held senior managerial roles with Blackberry and worked for the Department of National Defence. She earned her Bachelor of Engineering degree at the Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology. 

She is active in the community, including as founder of a local nonprofit performing arts group, which works to promote arts and culture, and intercultural opportunities. She was a founding director of the Ottawa Software Quality Association and served as Chair of the Software Process Improvement Network. Srivastava was also school council Chair at John McCrae Secondary School. 

A mother and artist, Srivastava has lived in the community for nearly twenty years, with her husband, Vijay, and her two teenage children. 

Patrick Brown, Lisa McLeod and the Conservatives would cut over $12 billion from essential services that people depend on like health care and education. Under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party has a plan to deliver opportunity and fairness for everyone. While Ontario has a balanced budget and growing economy, not everyone is feeling that growth yet. That’s why we are working to deliver a fairer, better Ontario through free tuition for 210,000 students, free prescription drug coverage for children and youth, 100,000 affordable child-care spaces, and a $15-an-hour minimum wage. 

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