Trustee Loralea Carruthers nominated as Ontario Liberal candidate for York–Simcoe

Monday, March 12, 2018

EAST GWILLIMBURY—Loralea Carruthers, the recent chair of the York Region District School Board, was nominated as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for York–Simcoe at an standing-room-only event in East Gwillimbury Saturday.

"Our riding needs an experienced, local leader who has shown commitment to our communities. I have worked for over fifteen years to improve our public schools, as well as volunteering to protect the local environment, to support our libraries and to advocate for new homeowners,” said Carruthers, a local mother of two. “I will fight for fairness and opportunity for our residents, with Premier Kathleen Wynne’s bold plan for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, free tuition, free youth pharmacare and a historic expansion of transit to improve traffic in our region."

"All the Conservatives—including my opponent—refuse to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour next year. This means a group of wealthy individuals are ganging up to deny workers the raise we know thousands of my neighbours need and deserve," Carruthers said.

“Our environment is very important to me and local residents; we value our natural heritage in this beautiful part of the province. By refusing to take action on climate change, all the Conservative leadership candidates have a $16-billion hole in their platform, which they can only fill by making drastic cuts to programs we value that will upgrade our public schools, hospitals and social housing, build more transit, and help families renovate their homes.

"I am ready to fight to stop wealthy Conservatives like my opponent from tearing down the progress we are making towards a fairer society,” Carruthers said. “My background has prepared me to be able to deliver for my community, and I am excited for the campaign ahead."

Loralea Carruthers is a four-term trustee on the York Region District School. Following a troubling period for the board, she stepped up and won election as chair. Under her leadership, the board aggressively worked to address equity concerns and improve public accountability. She was widely praised for her leadership in putting the board back on track, including winning the Human Rights Award from the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Carruthers is also a former vice-president of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. She is an environmental and consumer activist, working to improve the Tarion Home Warranty system and a long-time member of her town’s Environmental Advisory Committee. She was president of the East Gwillimbury/Newmarket Association for New Residents and is a former member of the East Gwillimbury Public Library Board. Carruthers has lived in Holland Landing for decades, where she raised her two children. She worked at large advertising agencies, handling multi-million-dollar accounts for major clients, is a graduate of the University of Toronto and earned a Master's of Education from UOIT.

Under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party has a plan to deliver opportunity and fairness for everyone. While Ontario has a balanced budget and growing economy, not everyone is feeling that growth yet. That’s why we are working to deliver a fairer, better Ontario through free tuition for 210,000 students, free prescription drug coverage for children and youth, 100,000 affordable child-care spaces, and a $15-an-hour minimum wage. No matter who the leader is, this is the same Conservative Party. While our government is focused on investing in care, the Conservatives remain focused on cutting health care, education and the services Ontarians rely on by firing 40,000 workers.


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