Ibrahim Daniyal wins Pickering–Uxbridge Ontario Liberal nomination

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

PICKERING—Small business owner Ibrahim Daniyal was elected as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Pickering–Uxbridge following a competitive nomination race with 1700 party members.

“I’m honoured to be nominated as our local provincial Liberal candidate, and I’m ready to fight for fairness for our residents and to ensure we invest in the care that our community needs under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s leadership,” said Daniyal, a local father of three. “As an immigrant who worked hard to make a life for his family, I’m running because I believe hard work should be rewarded with a fair wage, that students should be able to go to college or university if they get the grades, and to ensure we invest in the health and seniors’ care our riding needs.”

Ibrahim Daniyal put himself and his younger siblings through school by working various jobs after losing his father while still in his youth. Today, Daniyal is a small-business owner managing a real estate practice, and a devoted husband and father to three boys. He earned a Master’s Degree in Administrative Science at the University of Punjab, a post-graduate diploma in marketing and a certificate in financial underwriting.

Under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party has a plan that is creating opportunity and fairness during this period of rapid economic change and uncertainty. Ontario's economy is growing, but too many families are not experiencing the benefits of that growth and feel they can't get ahead. That’s why the Ontario Liberal plan has stepped up to make tuition free for 225,000 students, provide free prescription drug coverage for children and youth, build 100,000 affordable child-care spaces, and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The Conservatives have vowed to undo the minimum wage increase because no matter who their leader is, it is the same old Conservative Party. While a Liberal government is focused on investing in care and providing better supports for caregivers, the Conservatives remain focused on cutting health care and education and jeopardizing the services Ontarians rely on by firing 75,000 workers.


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