Dr Shafiq Qaadri nominated to run for reelection as the Ontario Liberal candidate for Etobicoke North

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ETOBICOKE NORTH—Dr Shafiq Qaadri was nominated to run for re-election as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Etobicoke North.

“I love my residents, my community in Etobicoke North. I speak their languages, and have had the privilege of serving them from Albion Road for fifteen years. I fought for the $400-million expansion of Etobicoke General Hospital,” said Dr Qaadri. “As the son of immigrants myself, I know firsthand how free tuition, free medications for seniors and those under 25, and the $15 minimum wage will help my folks.”

“I’m proud of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s bold, progressive agenda. On the other hand, Doug Ford will take our community backwards. He’ll slash services, stop the $15 minimum wage, and turn Ontario into an imitation of what’s happening in the United States,” Dr Qaadri said.

Dr Shafiq Qaadri currently serves as the MPP for Etobicoke, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Chair of the Justice Policy Committee. He was part of Ontario’s first Ministry of Health Promotion, and has served in a number of capacities, including as Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier.

A graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School in 1988, Dr Qaadri also holds a specialist degree in English literature and is multilingual. During his academic career, he won several scholarships and awards, including prizes to Oxford University, a Canadian National Debating Championship, a Research Scholarship in Brain Surgery and a Fellowship to the University of Pennsylvania. He has authored numerous academic papers.

He and his wife have three children, one in university, one in high school, and one in kindergarten.

Under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party has a plan to create opportunity and fairness during this period of rapid economic change. Ontario's economy is growing, but too many families still feel like they can't get ahead. Our plan for care and opportunity includes building a stronger, healthier Ontario through historic new investments in health care, including through free medications for everyone under 25 and a committed expansion to serve those over 65 through OHIP+; providing free tuition for over 225,000 students and on-the-job learning opportunities to help land a great job; and helping 100,000 kids access quality, licensed child care, including a commitment to free preschool child care.

The Conservatives have vowed to halt the $15 minimum wage. They have backed away from the fight against climate change, and have promised billions of dollars in cuts to critical public services. While the Ontario Liberal Party is focused on investing in the services and infrastructure people rely on, the Conservatives remain focused on gutting healthcare and education, denying working people a decent paycheque, and threatening much-needed public infrastructure projects.


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