Wynne Presses Ford on His Damaging Agenda of Cuts

Conservative Leader forced into defensive, patronizing tone

Monday, May 7, 2018

TORONTO— Premier Kathleen Wynne put Doug Ford on defence all night long in the CityTV leaders debate as the Conservative Leader struggled to explain away the billions he has pledged to make in cuts to key services such as healthcare and education. Again and again the Premier pushed Ford to account for the damage his agenda of deep cuts would exact on the families across the province. 

Unable to explain his own policies or deflect from the harm they would cause, Ford quickly showed his true self – becoming aggressive, defensive and patronizing. In multiple exchanges his tone became thin-skinned:

  • “You know something Kathleen, you obviously don't understand numbers.”
  • “Unlike both of you, I've actually helped run a government.”

And in one of the most unusual exchanges of the evening, he turned to Premier Wynne and said:

  • “Well, I'm going to ask my friend Kathleen the question. Kathleen, you've got a nice smile on your face there.”

As the Premier said, it was a disappointing performance from Doug Ford. But it's exactly what people have come to expect. 


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