Media Reviews: Doug Ford Stumbles on Substance and Struggles to Explain His Cuts

Monday, May 7, 2018

BREAKING: The media reviews of Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s performance poured in steadily – pointing out his consistent struggle to explain his policies and hold his own with Premier Kathleen Wynne.
“On the very same day Ford's campaign tells me "Doug has committed to consulting with the experts" on supervised injection sites, he says this in the debate: “Well my friend, what I’m not going to do is I’m not going to have injection sites in neighbourhoods.” – Jessica Smith Cross (QP Briefing)
“After finishing his statement on carding, Doug Ford didn't say a word in that 3-minute open-debate session.” – Mike Crawley (CBC)

"Thus far, seems to me Wynne is winning the first debate" - Christie Blatchford (National Post)
“Obvious why PCs have been hiding DoFo. Nervous. Robotic. Uncertain…To be fair, DoFo did succeed tonite in making Tim Hudak look like Leslie Frost and Mike Harris seem like a Mensan” – Jim Coyle (Toronto Star)
“Ford's debate tactic seems to be to say less and blink more.” – Allison Smith (Queens Park Today)
“Ford forgets he's going to be consulting on supervised injection sites. Or at least, he won't have them "in neighbourhoods." He believes in rehabilitation. Fun fact: Before deciding to try rehabilitation, growing numbers of drug users die alone from overdoses. In neighbourhoods.” – Paul Wells (MacLeans)
"Unlike both of you," says Ford to Wynne and Horwath, "I've helped run a government. The premier looks confused.” – David Hains (QPBriefing)
“If only someone in this debate other than Doug Ford had run a government before.” – Justin Ling (Freelance Journalist)
“Not one single person will lose their jobs” says Doug Ford. That seems like hyperbolic, un-promiseable thing.” – Siobhan Morris (Newstalk 1010)
"I approved the home in the neighbourhood," without going through proper protocol, Ford says proudly. He did not make that defence in May 2014 when he was criticized for his comments, which he then defended. He also told a father of man with autism to "go to hell" in July 2014.” – David Hains (QPBriefing)

Doug Ford is not accurately representing his and his brother's stewardship of Toronto's finances - Anna Paperny (Reuters)

Ford says Wynne is being "disingenuous" when she says he didn't want a home for autistic kids in his ward. Story from 2014: "No one told me they'd be leaving the house" - Jennifer Pagliaro (Toronto Star)
“With trademark Ford audacity, @fordnation, who was caught on video telling developers he would open “a big chunk” of the Greenbelt to development, portrays himself as its defender” – David Rider (Toronto Star)


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