Doug Ford Proudly Announces $18 Billion in Transit Cuts at Debate

Is Ford trying to pull a fast one on Ontarians or does he just not understand the transit file?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

TORONTO –  Ford confirmed yesterday during a CityTV televised debate that a Conservative government would cut $18 billion from transit across the province.

In re-announcing Patrick Brown’s $5 billion pledge for transit, anchored to 2017 Budget numbers, Ford is announcing the largest cut to transit spending in Ontario’s history.

2017 Budget: $56 billion + Ford’s re-announced People’s Guarantee $5 billion = $61 billion
2018 Budget: $79 billion
$79 billion - $61 billion = $18 billion cut to transit
In the debate, Ford referenced that his $5 billion would go to projects including the Downtown Relief Line. The Downtown Relief Line is funded in the 2018 budget. Therefore Ford’s $5 billion must be based on the 2017 Budget and cannot be incremental to the 2018 Budget.
Ford’s impromptu transit announcement last night follows a pattern in the rookie Conservative leader’s recent announcements, where just last week he cut $1.2 billion from mental health services over the next 4 years. This would be the largest cut to mental health in Canadian history.

Chart 3.2 from page 73 of the 2017/18 Ontario Budget

Chart 2.10 from the 2018/19 Ontario Budget


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