The Reviews Are in - Ontario Liberal Plan for Care and Opportunity

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Making child care free for preschool children will be transformative for Ontario's families; it will help families balance the demands of work, education and family life, and will dramatically improve affordability, especially for children in low and middle income families."
— Dr. Gordon Cleveland, Associate Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Toronto Scarborough.

"When it comes to the social and economic futures for the many rather than the few, there is no better investment a government can make than supporting the progress of the youngest of our young. Universally provided high quality childcare for 2 1/2 year olds until they enter universally provided FDK, provides a game-changing educational continuum to first grade and beyond."
— Charles E. Pascal, Professor, Applied Psychology & Human Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto & Former Early Learning Advisor to the Premier of Ontario.

"Excellent news for children and families in Ontario! Making child care more affordable and more accessible improves life for families in Ontario."
— Marni FlahertyChief Executive Officer, Today's Family Early Learning and Child Care

"This unprecedented announcement means that Ontario will take a bold leap away from a patchwork of services toward a real system of quality care and education that families can trust."
— Lyndsay Macdonald, RECE and Coordinator, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario.

"This commitment to no-fee child care for preschoolers in Ontario - which is the model of choice in many countries will truly be a game-changer both for families and for Canada. Ontario is poised to take a giant leap towards a universally accessible, publicly managed system of early learning and child care… Whether you live in Sioux Lookout, Sarnia or Swansea, Ontario's families and ECEs will benefit."
— Laurel Rothman, Interim Coordinator of Public Policy, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care.

"I think it will improve the quality of life of many of my residents. Child care, the health care, and certainly pharmacare for seniors, I know our seniors population will be delighted. But this government is helping to break gridlock as well. They're making continued investments in our infrastructure that will allow me to build my LRT and Dundas Connects Project to give people  an alternative to using their car… There's a lot of great initiatives in this budget." 
— Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga.

"We couldn't be more pleased. This is a once-in-a-generation investment that targets a tremendous need and obligation for our society – better and more integrated care and services across the continuum so that every senior can live life to the fullest. With our aging population, demographics are demanding attention and we applaud the government for responding." 
— Lisa Levin, CEO of AdvantAge Ontario.

"The 2018 Ontario budget makes it clear that the Government of Ontario remains committed to fighting climate change… Budget 2018 also outlines priorities for investing the $2 billion Ontario anticipates raising from the carbon market in 2018-19, all of which, by law, must be reinvested into fighting climate change. Nearly half of these funds are earmarked to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses. These resources are absolutely crucial to help businesses and individuals do their part to reduce their climate impacts and participate in the global transition to a low-carbon economy. The new investment of $52 million over three years into protecting the Great Lakes is especially welcome… This budget also commits considerable funding toward public transit. In fact, the budget allocates more than three times more resources, $79 billion, to public transit than is allocated to highways ($25 billion). This is good news as it's essential for the province to align its budget and infrastructure spending with the commitments to fight climate change and protect the environment." 
— Keith Brooks, Programs Director, Environmental Defence.

"Daily Bread Food Bank is encouraged by the 2018 Ontario budget, which contains important measures to advance poverty reduction and improve circumstances for low-income Ontarians. The 2018 Ontario Budget makes bold commitments that take solid leads to further modernize and transform Ontario's Income Security System, as guided by the Income Security Reform Working Group Report, Income Security: A roadmap for change. With the measures in this budget, there are substantial commitments that help reduce barriers for people living in poverty. On behalf of those we serve, we are grateful for these bold new initiatives as Ontario continues its commitment to improve the lives of everyone."
 Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank.

"A round of applause as Premier @Kathleen_Wynne announces an additional $2.1 billion of funding for #mentalhealth and #addictions care over the next four years." 
– Centre for Addiction and Mental Health News.

"Expanding resources for student mental health is crucial to ensuring that students get the support they need for better health and academic outcomes. OPSBA welcomed the recent system-wide investment by the province in mental health and addiction supports including $175 million over 5 years to support hiring 180 mental health workers for schools and additional ongoing funding up to $18 million. The Ministry's commitment to provide 400 new mental health workers in secondary schools, embed curriculum changes to support K-12 social emotional learning and enhance training on mental health literacy is much needed for our students."  
– Ontario Public School Boards' Association.

"The Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association commends and applauds the provincial government's investment of an additional $2.1 billion into services and strategies to address mental health needs and addiction in Ontario. The Association is particularly pleased to see the increase of $570 million in funding for mental health programs and services targeting youth." 
— Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association.

"The province has announced that boards will receive funding for guidance counsellors for students in grades 7 and 8 at the same rate as high school students… People for Education has been calling for this change for a number of years because students in these grades are facing a number of sometimes challenging transitions – emotional, social, and the transition to high school.… An increased number of guidance counsellors will help with this… The new funding may also help with ongoing regional discrepancies."  
— Annie Kidder, People for Education.

"This is a first, not only in Canada, but in North America… Increasing public funding through funding the workforce is the way it has to be done to ensure quality". 
—Martha Friendly, Founder and Executive Director, Childcare Resource and Research Unit.


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