Doug Ford’s Future Health Minister Champions Two-Tier Health Care

Describes Ontario Health Care: “People have a duty to die for the system”

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

OTTAWA –  Doug Ford’s would-be future Health Minister, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, reveals herself as an advocate for replacing Ontario’s universal healthcare system with two-tier private health care. 

In a 2013 video posted by the Association of American Physician and Surgeons, the woman Doug Ford says he will rely on to re-shape Ontario’s health care system takes the following positions:  

  • Rich Ontarians should be able to use their wealth to secure better, faster healthcare than the rest of us: 
“And there’s people that are perfectly capable of paying, would like to pay and, you know, there’s all sorts of options that you could do for pooling, cooperative, types of insurance and yet the government won’t allow that to happen.”
  • The American system of private healthcare is far superior to Ontario’s universal system of public healthcare: 
“I would caution anyone in the U.S. not to adopt the system we have here. We’re trying to change the system we have here...”
  • Universal health care results in widespread deaths: 
"It's almost at a point now where people are being given the idea that people have a duty to die for the system"

A simple Twitter search shows that Fullerton has tweeted similar views about her hostility toward universal health care and her preference for a two-tiered private health care 295 times. Here are some gems: 

The Video of Dr. Fullerton can be viewed here.