One Million New Jobs Have Been Created Under an Ontario Liberal Government

Friday, May 11, 2018

TORONTO – Since Ernie Eves called the 2003 election, Ontario Liberals have pursued an economic plan that has resulted in the creation of 1 million net new jobs, bringing new industry and new investment to Ontario and leading to a steady strengthening of the middle class.    

August 2003 6,210,000
April 2018 7,208,000
New Jobs 998,000

At just 5.6%, Ontario’s unemployment rate is at a nearly 20-year low.

For the past three years, Ontario has outperformed most of the major economies in the world including the United States in terms of growth. Over 829,000 new jobs have been created since the recession, over 400,000 under Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Compare our record of creating 1 million jobs to what Doug Ford is promising.

Independent economists have confirmed that his billions of dollars’ worth of cuts would lead to massive job losses:
“It is reasonable to expect job losses (both direct with government, and indirect via private-sector actors also affected by the austerity) to total at least 1 per cent of Ontario employment: or around 75,000 lost jobs.”
Jim Stanford in the Globe and Mail

While Doug Ford’s plan will result in thousands being fired, Andrea Horwath and the NDP lack a credible economic plan to create jobs and keep our economy strong. What the NDP don’t understand is that without a strong economy, there can be no agenda of care to support the needs of our families and our communities.


"We have a government that understands the needs of craft brewers and has partnered effectively to help us grow our craft beer business. Policy changes implemented in recent years have helped to reduce red tape and open up new opportunities for us and many other businesses like ours.“
– Cam Heaps, Co-Founder and CEO, Steam Whistle Brewing 


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