NDP Admits to Hidden Property Tax That Will Cost Business $1 Billion

Difference between Equalizing Up and Equalizing Down Ignored in Forced Admission

Saturday, May 12, 2018

TORONTO – This afternoon, Andrea Horwath and the NDP admitted to their hidden 28% increase in business property taxes.



Mike Harris took away school board taxing powers but left the patchwork of business education property tax rates in place across Ontario.

Since then, Ontario Liberals invested $200 million a year to equalize rates by bringing them down where they are the highest.

The 2017 Ontario budget reasserts our commitment to adjust rates down.

The Liberals are spending more to bring business property tax rates down.


The NDP Platform Raises Business Property Taxes

In today’s release, the NDP admits to the stealth tax hike on business property taxes. 

Their platform costing assigns $1.075 billion in additional revenue to the scheme.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP are taxing more to equalize rates by bringing them up.

Plain and simple, the NDP are charging businesses $1 billion more. 

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