FACT CHECK: Property Tax Hike Breaks Pledge to Only Tax Profitable

Sunday, May 13, 2018

TORONTO – Yesterday, NDP candidate Marit Stiles misled the media and public three times in a row about the NDP 28% property tax hike during an interview on CP24:

Tenaglia: To talk about one is Marit Stiles NDP candidate and of course you’re also a trustee with the Toronto District School Board. We're here to talk about the business education tax…  

Styles: …What we're talking about is just standardizing it so it makes more sense for everyone. That will mean that some businesses, the more profitable businesses generally, will see a slight increase... 

Tenaglia: But according to your platform and I have some of it here, so even though everyone will pay the same, over time year over year, businesses will pay more. That's correct? 

Styles: Right. Some businesses. This has been a part of our platform is that the most profitable businesses, the businesses that are doing the best, the wealthiest among us will start to pay a more fair share to ensure that we all have the services that we need… 

Tenaglia: Just to clarify everyone will pay the same except if you’re within the what, top 1 or 2% of profitable businesses? Or overly profitable let’s say, you make the most, you pay the most? 

Styles: That's how our taxes should work, right. We talked about that a lot and we’ve talked about that in terms of just wealthier people as well, right? We're not afraid to say that. The wealthiest among us need to pay their fair share.


Stiles is trying to pretend the Business Education Property Tax is a function of profitability like corporate tax. It is not. 

Property taxes are a function of the assessed value of a property. Every business pays, regardless of profitability. That means this will hit businesses that are losing money, making money, owners or renters.

The NDP are breaking their promise to only tax the most profitable businesses. 


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