NDP Platform Based on a Mistake and Unfunded Promises

Entire NDP Plan Needs a Do-Over

Monday, May 14, 2018

TORONTO — The NDP have built their platform and economic plan for our province on a significant and undeniable error. As a result, they would mistakenly omit billions in valued services and programs that people in Ontario rely on, leaving their entire platform incoherent and unrealistic.
Premier Kathleen Wynne was at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Training Facility in Toronto today, along with Ministers Sousa and McMahon to highlight the opportunities available for jobs and apprenticeships in the skilled trades and how the NDP platform would leave those workers without proper training, health care or other supports.
According to their own platform, Andrea Horwath and an NDP government would:

  • Cut $170 million in apprenticeship programs building up the skilled trades
  • Cut $300 million for funding women’s shelters and ending gender-based violence
  • Cut $62 million in supports for people with autism
  • Cut $85 million from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, meaning less economic development and fewer jobs in Northern communities. 
  • Cut $137 million for the safe implementation of legalized cannabis and $220 million for combatting the opioid crisis
  • Cut $33 million from the High-Speed Rail Link transit project that would connect Toronto to Windsor
As a consequence of this failure of basic competence, the NDP are now pitching a platform based on careless mistakes and unfunded promises. They’ve also spoken throughout their campaign about a number of additional priorities that never appear in their fiscal plan and are currently unfunded. The NDP owe voters answers — will they leave these careless cuts in place or will they raise taxes even higher than they’ve planned to correct their own mistakes and fund their reckless promises?
Ontario Liberals have made these investments with careful consideration — and will continue to make decisions that help people find good jobs and care for their family in a way that doesn’t put the province’s future at risk.
For instance, while the NDP would cut $170 million in supports to apprentices, Premier Wynne will modernize the apprenticeship system and increase the number of people entering the trades. As part of this pledge, the Premier will ensure more people from underrepresented backgrounds can access the fulfilling, well-paid opportunities being created in trades-related industries. This is a stark contrast to Doug Ford and his Conservatives, whose position on helping newcomers and diverse communities find good jobs is summed up when he says, “I am taking care of our own first.”
The Liberal plan also expands publicly funded prescription drugs to cover one-in-two people in Ontario, makes the largest mental health care investment in Canadian history, builds a record amount of transit, boosts hospital funding, helps more people go to college or university with publicly funded tuition and lets more parents go back to work by funding preschool child care from 2 ½ to kindergarten. Ontario’s economy is growing stronger, but that growth and the care and services it funds are at risk this election.


“The NDP built their platform and entire economic plan for our province on a major mistake. A significant, sizable and undeniable mistake. As a result, they have defunded billions of dollars that flow to valued programs. It’s a failure of basic competence that leads to real consequences and it means the NDP are running on a program of careless cuts and unfunded promises.”
— Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance
“As we get deeper into this campaign, I think it’s important to take a hard look at the choices all the  parties represent and the consequences for real people. Ontario Liberals have been clear: we have been bringing more care and choice to the people of our province, and that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do if we are re-elected this June.”
— Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
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