What Contradictory New Explanations Will The NDP Offer Today For Their Platform Mess?

The NDP Provided No Fewer Than Six Futile Attempts On Monday

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Yesterday, the NDP scrambled multiple times to explain away the major mistake that renders their platform an incoherent and unrealistic mess. Unfortunately for them, these many and often contradictory rationalizations only served to make matters worse and cast even more doubt about the competence of their approach to governing.
The colourful array of explanations came in rapid fire over the course of the day:
11:00am – Explanation Number One: Instinctive Denial
“The NDP plan does not defund or cut existing programs.” (NDP Press Release)
11:56am – Explanation Number Two: Qualified Admission
"All we are saying is, we don't agree with what they are going to do, so we have a real plan..." (Twitter)
12:00pm – Explanation Number Three: Bold Invention
“Anything in their base budget is something still part of our plan.” (Andrea Horwath, SOURCE)
1:10pm – Explanation Number Four: Unqualified Admission
What we’ve done with our plan is basically scrap their announcements and replace them with our plans. (Andrea Horwath on 1310AM)
2:30pm – Explanation Number Five: Excited Embellishment
“Each program the Liberals claim the NDP platform doesn’t fund is continued, or replaced with a better, stronger program” (2nd NDP Press Release)
6:00pm – Explanation Number Six: Weary Denial
“We’ve checked a couple of times now and we’re confident that is exactly what we say it is.” (Andrea Horwath interview on Global) 

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