Doug Ford Opposes Rent Control

Conservative Boss Would Leave Renters Vulnerable to Sudden, Dramatic Increases

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

TORONTO – Doug Ford wants renters to fend for themselves saying he believes “the market” is better than rent control laws designed to protect tenants from higher rents and unfair rent increases.
When pressed directly about his thoughts on rent control, which is protecting millions of Ontarians from sudden, dramatic rent increases, Ford said, “I just don’t like it. I like having the market dictate.” (Globe and Mail video, March 14th, 2018).
“It’s easy for Doug Ford to say that the market ‘will always take care of itself’ – Ford has probably never had to pay rent. And he’s completely out of touch if he thinks the ‘market’ will protect renters in Ontario,” said Ontario Liberal Candidate Han Dong. “This is more than just an important pocket-book issue, it is literally about keeping a roof over your head.”

Ford cannot deny his long-standing opposition to rent control. It is on tape. When Ford was caught on the Greenbelt, he pretended to care. When Ford was caught on Tanya Granic Allen’s homophobia and Islamaphobia, he pretended to care. Now that he is caught on rent control, Doug Ford is pretending to care.  

“Doug Ford isn’t interested in renters or homebuyers. He only cares about landlords and developers. If you don’t believe me just watch the tapes where he promised to pave the Greenbelt and scrap rent-controls,” concluded Dong.

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