Horwath’s Double Standard on Intolerance

Horwath won’t drop Paul Miller who is under investigation for

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

(HAMILTON)—NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is quick to rightly condemn Doug Ford’s tolerance of intolerance when it comes to Conservative candidates and activists with a history of offensive remarks attitudes. She is less demanding when it comes to those on her own team. In fact, Horwath stays silent on outrageous remarks from NDP candidate Paul Miller.
“it’s pretty disappointing to see somebody seeking public office who has those kinds of attitudes that can be described as racist and homophobic. It is up to Mr. Ford decide if those are the kinds of candidates he wants in his tent. But from my perspective they are unacceptable and show a real ignorance […] Certainly that wouldn’t be acceptable in an NDP situation […] It’s certainly not something that I would be condoning as the leader of my party. We have a process that looks at these issues and we wouldn’t be accepting those kinds of candidates ourselves” (Horwath, April 10, 2018). [LINK TO AUDIO]
Tough talk. But no walk.
Because the following day, CBC reported that NDP Candidate Paul Miller was under investigation for making “routine racist, sexist and homophobic comments” (CBC, April 11, 2018). In fact, it was reported that, “According to his staff, Paul Miller didn’t want to attend a local Black History Month event because 'those people' can't organize events.” (CBC, April 11, 2018)
Despite this revelation, Horwath has stood by Miller, even as the investigations into his conduct continue to pile up. Summary of outside investigations:

  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is investigating Miller for “2 incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination and violations of various safety and employment standards from 2015 to 2017.” (Hamilton News, April 11, 2018)
  • Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer has received a complaint from Miller’s staff alleging he violated the Election Act and Election Finances Act. According to their office some of the charges also fall under the scope of Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner. (CBC, May 3, 2018)
  • The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union has received 12 complaints against Miller from staff members. (April 20, 2018)

Andrea Horwath has stood by Miller, refusing to address the serious allegations, and allowing Miller to remain as a candidate in the 2018 general election. Will Horwath take her own advice and drop Miller?

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