Mississauga Conservative Critical of… Conservatives?

Ford’s candidate Sabawy slammed Conservatives on immigration, cuts

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

(Toronto) Last week, Ontarians learned more about Doug Ford’s insulting views on immigration at the FONOM debate where he promised he’d be “taking care of our own first.” Today the Conservative leader visits Mississauga, where Mr. Ford’s candidate in Mississauga—Erin Mills, Sheref Sabawy, once unloaded his true thoughts about his current party:

“the Liberals accept immigrants. The Conservatives, as well, accept immigrants, but they want us to work at coffee shops and gas stations, not to become doctors or engineers.”

More revealingly, apparent emails from Sheref Sabawy posted to the MECA Google Groups site expose what Mr. Sabawy really thinks about Harris-style conservatism:

“…the changes introduced by Premier Mike Harris…were focused on providing significant tax cuts to large corporations while boosting the tuition fees, trying to convert the health care system into a 2 tier system that would allow the private sector to compete with the free health care, and as a result was promising to drain our resources of doctors, nurses...etc. Other cuts introduced by the conservatives were in social support programs, single mother supplementary income, and charity programs.” –Sheref Sabawy.

Just like Mike Harris, Doug Ford is running on a plan to make deep cuts to the programs and services families rely on. Mr. Sabaway must be feeling a sense of déjà vu.


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