Andrew Lawton Has to Go

Doug Ford Has Until Tomorrow to Replace London West Candidate

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

TORONTO—Today, Liberal Campaign Chair and former MPP for London North Centre, Deb Matthews, exposed recent racist and sexist comments Conservative London West candidate Andrew Lawton made during his stint as a contributor to The Rebel Media in 2015 and 2016. These are well after the date Mr. Lawton suggested he need not accept responsibility for what he said due to ill health.

May 17th is the deadline to nominate candidates with Elections Ontario, meaning that Doug Ford has until tomorrow to replace Andrew Lawton on the Conservative ballot. Refusal to do so can only mean that Doug Ford is comfortable with the views expressed by Mr. Lawton.

Here are a few of the new comments recently attributed to Mr. Lawton:

On arrest rates in the U.S.:

“I know typically most minorities in the United States, black and Hispanic minorities, have a higher arrest rate simply because the crime rate in those groups is higher.” (December 17, 2015)

On tolerance of other religious views:

“I’m a Christian. I believe in Christian exceptionalism. I believe that Christianity is the only correct faith.” (April 30, 2015) 

On things that we should ban before assault weapons:

“How many lives are lost because people cling to a radical Muslim ideology? Well, we can ban Islam - that’s gonna to save a couple lives.”(January 7, 2016)

On a woman’s ability to smile and be nice:

“As far as receptionists go, I can't think of a single receptionist that I have encountered, certainly not in recent years who is male. […] You know I bet there are some friendly welcoming warm men... but I don't think it's sexist to suggest that there are certain areas where women are proficient and being friendly and welcoming is one of them. Being friendly and welcoming is one of those situations where women are better than men.”  (November 26, 2015)

Doug Ford may disavow these remarks, but actions speak louder than words – especially when it comes to words like those from Mr. Lawton.

It is increasingly obvious that the Doug Ford being presented to Ontarians is nothing like the real Doug Ford.

The video of Andrew Lawton’s comments can be viewed HERE

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