Statement from Kathryn McGarry

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kathryn McGarry, Ontario Liberal candidate for Cambridge, released the following statement today:

"Since the NDP forced the last election, Ontario Liberals have continued to make historic investments in transit and transportation. Unfortunately, for the last four years the NDP have voted against these investments every step of the way.  

While we were the first party to fund the Relief Line, they were busy voting against billions of dollars for Toronto’s transit needs like the Eglinton Crosstown and Spadina subway extension. They voted against funding for:

  • The Ottawa LRT
  • Highway 69 to Sudbury 
  • Highway 11/17 in Northwestern Ontario
  • The Hamilton LRT
  • The Hurontario LRT
  • The Waterloo LRT

The NDP recently opposed our efforts to provide discounts to commuters travelling between transit systems, discounts that could save them up to $720 per year. Our plan lowers fares for GO Transit to $3 when travelling within the City of Toronto, but the NDP’s plan leaves this initiative unfunded.

The NDP platform makes zero mention of new transit projects Liberals have committed to, like the Yonge North subway extension, Dundas Bus Rapid Transit, the Waterfront LRT, and recently Horwath failed to mention High Speed Rail during her Southwest platform launch. And the only plan the Conservatives have is to cut billions from the programs and services Ontario families need".

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