Kenora NDP Candidate Says Premier “Should be in Prison”

NDP Leader Should Address Controversial Comments from her Candidates

Friday, May 18, 2018

KENORA – Andrea Horwath was quick to condemn controversial rhetoric from the Conservative campaign, but when it’s her own candidates, she’s stayed silent.

In a March 2015 Facebook post, NDP Kenora-Rainy River candidate Glen Archer says that the Premier “should be in prison.” 

At a campaign event earlier this week, Horwath reacted to similar rhetoric coming from the Conservative campaign:

“It’s unfortunate that those kinds of things are happening on this campaign and Mr. Ford is going to have to deal with his supporters in a way that I hope brings some respect to the political dialogue and discussion.” (Toronto Star, May 15th, 2018).

Andrea Horwath’s silence on issues among her own candidates is becoming a pattern, refusing to address controversy surrounding NDP candidates Paul Miller and Monique Taylor.

Andrea Horwath was quick to condemn others, but will she stand up against damaging rhetoric when it’s coming from her own party?


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