Doug Ford Needs to Act: Call in the Police, Identify and Fire Implicated Candidates and Remove Any Stolen Data From Conservative Computers

Saturday, May 19, 2018

(TORONTO)—Today, Ontario Liberal Campaign Co-Chair, Deb Matthews, echoed Premier Wynne’s statement calling on Doug Ford to ask the OPP to conduct a province-wide investigation into his party’s nomination process following an explosive story in the Globe and Mail.

New media reports in today’s Globe and Mail raise deeply troubling questions about the potentially widespread use of stolen 407 ETR data by Doug Ford’s Conservative Party, and hint at a deliberate pattern of voter fraud at Conservative nomination meetings. 

Today in his brief media availability, Doug Ford claimed he would act swiftly to investigate these matters, but that he has no information beyond the Brampton East nomination. That’s not credible, here is what we know: 

  • Several nominated Conservative candidates appear to be implicated according to these media reports and a cloud of suspicion hangs over many others. 

  • Party officials appear to be involved. 

  • In February Mr. Ford said he knew of 30 to 40 ridings where he was aware of ‘scandalous’ practices and a ‘Ponzi scheme’

Even more worrying is the possibility that the stolen 407 ETR data is potentially still being used right now by the Conservative Party to help them in the provincial election. Mr. Ford has an opportunity to act. We ask him to do the right thing and immediately take the following steps:

  • Call in the OPP to conduct a province-wide investigation of these nomination practices

  • Purge all Conservative data bases of any illegally obtained data. 

  • Fire all candidates with links to the data breach and Snover Dhillon’s nomination services. 

  • Invite a similar investigation by Elections Ontario to reassure the public that the integrity of the general election will in no way be compromised. 

  • Disclose all party ties to Snover Dhillon and the full results of all internal party investigations into nomination practices.

Mr. Ford indicated today that he is ready and willing to do everything in his power to rid the rot from his party. But he has rejected an external probe of this matter in the past. Given the gravity of these allegations, complete honesty and full transparency is the only option available to Mr. Ford.




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