Kevin Page Confirms A New Mistake Found in NDP Platform

$1.4 Billion Mistake Per Year; $7 Billion in Total

Saturday, May 19, 2018

(Toronto) The NDP platform contains another major error. This time, it is just basic arithmetic. Instead of adding the $700 million reserve to their deficit they subtracted it, creating a $1.4 billion-dollar hole in each year of their plan. 
The $700 million is for the Reserve – a large fiscal stabilization fund that protects “against unforeseen adverse changes in the Province’s revenue and expense forecasts.” (Ontario Budget 2018)
Kevin Page - who the NDP hired to validate their numbers - confirmed the error:
“It is a mistake […] Looks like a spreadsheet type of error. If they wanted to eliminate the reserve, they should have left it at zero — not subtract $700 million per year.” (Ottawa Citizen, May 19, 2018)
To put it in perspective, this $1.4 billion mistake is the equivalent of the combined operating budgets of Sick Kids and Mount Sinai hospitals every year. 
And they misallocated this much money with a basic arithmetic error. 
This gaffe calls into question Andrea Horwath and the NDP’s readiness to govern, manage the economy and makes their plan increasingly unrealistic. 
This error compounds their earlier mistake that accidentally cancels billions of dollars of spending already underway, including funding for women’s shelters, autism services, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, cannabis safety programs and the opioid strategy. 
The question now is whether Andrea Horwath will admit her mistake, or just pretend. 

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