Horwath nominates anti-sex education crusader, as NDP candidate controversies mount

Brampton South Candidate Likened Curriculum to ‘Sexual Abuse’

Monday, May 21, 2018

(Toronto) Today, one-time sex-ed opponent Jagmeet Singh visits Brampton to campaign alongside Andrea Horwath. The federal NDP leader and former Horwath MPP used to claim that the level of parental consultation was “disrespectful” and “a mistake.”
And he’s not the only New Democrat to oppose the curriculum.
Andrea Horwath claims to support the updated health and physical education curriculum. But she had no problem with the NDP nominating anti-sex-education crusader Paramjit Gill in Brampton South.

In social media posts, Gill likens the updated curriculum to “sexsual abuse” [sic], attending and promoting a 2015 protest against the curriculum.  
It’s unclear why Andrea Horwath ever even considered signing-off on Paramjit Gill, a man more politically-aligned with his Conservative counterparts. Will the NDP revoke Paramjit Gill’s candidacy in favor of a real progressive, or does Andrea Horwath stand behind his views?
Previously, the NDP leader has refused to take any action against her problematic candidates, making it clear to Ontarians that Andrea Horwath faces real trouble fielding a credible, truly progressive NDP slate:
So far, Andrea Horwath has stood idly by, refusing to fire any of her problematic progressives. With serious questions about where the NDP stands, will Ms. Horwath finally explain why she is sticking with this slate of questionable candidates?


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