Ontario NDP Would Immediately Close Pickering Plant, Cutting 4,500 Jobs and Increasing Hydro Costs by $600 Million

NDP Boss Continues to Make Bad Decisions that Would Hurt Ontario

Monday, May 21, 2018

Andrea Horwath’s promise to close the Pickering Generating Station on just three months notice would increase hydro rates, cut local jobs, and leave Ontario with less power than it needs. 
The promise came in a secret response provided to the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. In it, the NDP say they will close the Pickering Generating Station by August of this year. 
Shutting it would have dramatic consequences, including: 
  • Putting 4,500 well-paying, local jobs in Durham Region at risk.
  • Increasing electricity costs by up to $600 million.
  • Putting families and businesses at risk by taking 14% of Ontario’s power supply offline – enough to serve a city of 1.5 million people.
  • And increasing GHG emissions by 8 million tonnes – equivalent to putting 1.7 million more cars on the road.
“The NDP want to shutter the Pickering Generating Station as one of their first orders of business,” said Ontario Liberal candidate for Pickering--Uxbridge, Ibrahim Daniyal. “Closing this plant would put good local jobs at risk and increase hydro costs for everyone. The brownouts and unstable electricity system we saw under the previous Conservative government wouldn’t be far behind.”  

The independent Financial Accountability Officer 
agrees, noting “there are currently no alternative generation portfolios that could provide the same supply of low emissions baseload electricity generation at a comparable price to the Nuclear Refurbishment Plan” (FAO, November 2017).  

Coupled with the $1.4 billion mistake in their platform and a hidden property tax increase that will cost businesses $1 billion a year, this latest promise from the NDP is further proof they have no plan and can’t be trusted to govern responsibly.
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