Another NDP Mistake Cuts Apprenticeship Funding By Accident

More Signs of Incompetence Show NDP Are Not Ready to Govern

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

TORONTO—Another day, another NDP mistake. 

While Andrea Horwath will claim she supports apprenticeship training this morning, the platform she’s running on doesn’t actually include any new funding for it. 

As revealed last week, the NDP made a major, multi-billion dollar mistake in their platform, leaving dozens of important public investments unfunded by accident. 

So because of bad math, they’re accidentally:

  • Cutting 15,000 new apprenticeship opportunities created in Budget 2018.
  • Cutting funding for 28,000 new experiential learning opportunities.
  • And cutting $46-million for bridge training, which helps thousands of newcomers find a good job.

When confronted with the proof of the mistake, Andrea Horwath doubled down, saying: “We’ve checked a couple of times now and we’re confident that is exactly what we say it is” (Global TV, May 14th, 2018). 

But the numbers aren’t what they say they are. 

So did Andrea Horwath mean to cut funding for apprenticeships or is it just another bad math mistake? 

Regardless, it calls into question the NDP’s readiness to govern, manage the economy and makes their plan increasingly unrealistic.  

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