Conservative Candidate: Tax Cuts Hurt Health and Education

Bethlenfalvy Wanted 2 Point Increase in GST to Pay for Services

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

PICKERING—Doug Ford has made almost $7 billion in annual tax cut promises, but still refuses to say what he will cut to pay for it. Everyone knows Doug cannot deliver on his promises unless he makes drastic cuts to hospitals, homecare and schools.

Don’t take our word for it.  Ask the Conservative candidate for Pickering—Uxbridge Peter Bethlenfalvy who could not have been more clear that tax cuts mean slashing pensions, health care and education.  In fact, during his time as a co-president of DBRS Bethlenfalvy went so far as to advocate for a 2 point increase in the GST: 

“[GST] shouldn’t have gone down two per cent, it should go back up, and maybe two percentage points higher…we can’t, as citizens, keep demanding a pension plan, health-care services, education and, at the same time, not pay for them.” (The Telegram – St. John's; December 3, 2009)

An independent economist calculated Ford’s tax cut promises at $7.6 billion annually in 2020-21. He has already pledged:
  • Corporate Tax Cut
  • Income Tax Cut
  • Child Care Tax Rebate
  • Eliminate Cap and Trade
  • Income Tax Credit (Minimum Wage)
  • Small Business Tax Cut
  • Provincial Gas Tax Cut
  • Small Business Tax Cut

Ford is hiding the deep service reductions that his $7 billion in annual tax cuts will make worse. Peter Bethlenfalvy at least understands Doug Ford needs to come clean and tell Ontarians what services he will cut. 


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