7 Questions for Doug Ford on 407 Data Breach

Evidence of additional meetings and encounters between Doug Ford and Snover Dhillon creates more questions

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

(Toronto) Daily news reports contradict Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s claims that the data breach was limited to one riding. We now know that Doug Ford’s relationship with Snover Dhillon was more intimate than previously claimed.
Ford must clear the air by answering these questions:

  1. Why hasn’t Doug Ford dumped Brampton Centre candidate Harjit Jaswal “immediately” after Snover Dhillon named him as the second in a long list of candidates who allegedly received 407 ETR data?
  2. When Simmer Sandhu resigned, Ford claimed he took immediate action. If Ford took immediate action – on what basis did he take the action, and what did he specifically know?
  3. What did Doug Ford and Snover Dhillon discuss when they talked about “campaigns” in his boardroom? 
  4. Was the meeting between Dhillon and Ford related to the PC nomination controversies or the 407 data breach that Snover Dhillon has been named in?
  5. Will he release the list of the more than two dozen Conservative Candidates who have reportedly paid Snover Dhillon for his services?
  6. What other Conservative campaigns are currently using data from the 407 data breach?
  7. Were the 67,000 memberships that Vic Fedeli purged from the Conservative database the same as the 60,000 + memberships related to the stolen 407 data?


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