BREAKING: Third Conservative Candidate Tied to Operative at Centre of 407 Data Breach

Ford must fire Beaches—East York and Brampton Centre candidates, as promised, and explain why he claimed the scandal was limited to one riding

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

TORONTO – Another of Doug Ford’s candidates has been connected to Snover Dhillon, the Conservative operative at the centre of the 407 stolen data scandal.

First – Brampton East Conservative Candidate Simmer Sandhu, a former 407 ETR employee, resigned.

Then yesterday, Mr. Dhillon named Harjit Jaswal in Brampton Centre—a man nominated under Doug Ford’s watch—as another Conservative candidate who directly benefited from the data breach.

Today, QP Briefing reports that Snover Dhillon was also employed by Doug Ford’s Beaches—East York candidate Sarah Mallo, which “his party has known for months”.

Earlier this week when asked if he would remove any other candidates allegedly involved in the 407 data breach, Ford said:

  • “When we found out from the candidate from Brampton East, we acted immediately, and he was gone.And if I find out anyone else has any information, it’s done. They're gone.” (Doug Ford, May 20, 2018)

Yesterday, Ford assured reporters this scandal was limited to one candidate in one riding.

  • Reporter: “You had the weekend to look into these allegations surely you've asked questions of your campaign. What have you found out?

    Ford:“The only thing I know is the one from Brampton East, this candidate”

It’s time Ford comes clean and provides honest answers in this growing scandal.


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