Doug Ford Has No Plan to Fight Climate Change

Yet Today’s Results Show Liberal Plan to Cap GHG Pollution from Business is Working

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

(TORONTO) Does Doug Ford even believe climate change is real? 

He doesn’t have a plan to fight it and now he’s cooking up ways to stop anyone else from fighting it either.
So what else could it be?
“Doug Ford thinks sticking your head in the sand until the problem goes away is how you tackle climate change,” said Liberal candidate Chris Ballard. “Newsflash for Mr. Ford: it isn’t.”  
“What you need is a responsible plan that makes polluters pay and keeps costs down for families,” added Ballard.
Today’s auction results are proof our plan to cap GHGs from business is working. It guarantees reductions at the cheapest price possible for people and economy and reinvests every dollar collected.
Bottom line: when polluters pay, people benefit from green investments and cleaner air.
With six successful auctions, Ontario families are already saving money thanks to:    

  • Audits and retrofits to approximately 17,500 social housing apartment building units and 14,000 homes. Another 200,000 homeowners will benefit from retrofits over the next four years too.
  • New windows, lights and furnaces in over 600 public schools and 98 hospitals to improve energy efficiency and redirect savings towards students and patient care.
  • New bike lanes and bike parking in over 100 communities across the province.
  • Over 300 electric vehicle chargers, creating the largest public fast-charging network in Canada. 

“Promising to open the Greenbelt was just the start for Doug Ford,” said Liberal candidate Chris Ballard. “His obsession with ‘the market’ means he’ll push us into a race to the bottom and put our clean air, water and green spaces at risk too.”  
Doug Ford and the Conservatives would put a hard stop on these investments, sending us backwards and increasing costs for families.

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