New Recording Shows Doug Ford Directly Involved in Sale of Phony Memberships

Ford also faced allegations of intimidating Kinga Surma’s nomination opponent and following her home

Thursday, May 24, 2018

TORONTO – An audio recording of Conservative Party Leader Doug Ford captures him directly participating in bogus membership sales for the Conservative Party nomination in Etobicoke Centre. Mr. Ford can be heard encouraging potential party members to leave forms incomplete and suggesting that the membership fee will be paid by others. These practices contradict the rules and regulations that Mr. Ford, as leader, has pledged to enforce. 

The recording is further reinforced by a legal affidavit from another Conservative Party candidate for the Etobicoke Centre nomination who detailed dozens of examples of Mr. Ford breaching membership rules. The same individual sent a separate communication to Conservative Party headquarters complaining of a pattern of harassment by Mr. Ford including efforts to “intimidate” her that included behaviours such as, “following me home.”

This information comes on the heels of Ford pledging that he, “won't tolerate anything along those lines as we did with the Brampton East candidate, we acted immediately and will continue to act immediately.” Separately, Ford committed to respond to evidence of wrongdoing by saying, “…if I find out anyone else has any information, it’s done. They’re gone.” 

The question now is whether Mr. Ford will act on his words. Will Kinga Surma be gone? And if Mr. Ford was a candidate like any other would he not act swiftly to dismiss himself?

The audio recording is unequivocal. In October 2016, Doug Ford attended a Tim Horton’s in Etobicoke, Ford and Kinga Surma went table to table encouraging customers to join the Conservative Party.  One of those customers recorded their exchange which included Mr. Ford saying that a membership to his party was free

  • It doesn’t cost ya anything, we’re just signing people up today. That’s it.”
    (Doug Ford, October 2016)

To make matters worse, Mr. Ford didn’t ask people for complete forms or addresses:

  • You don’t have to fill that out. Just put your name, number, and just sign it…if you’re interested sir, we’ll do it for ya.”
    (Doug Ford, October 2016)

This new revelation comes after Conservative operative Snover Dhillon confessed that there were multiple cases where Conservative “candidates paid the people’s memberships. They paid from their own pocket.” 

The rules are clear, every Conservative membership application requires the applicant to confirm that the membership fees were paid with their own personal funds, without reimbursement.

Doug Ford promised to ‘sanitize’ his party of ‘rot’. He has laid all controversies at the feet of former leader Patrick Brown. It is now clear, however, that Mr. Ford himself is directly implicated in this misconduct. 

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