NDP Would Put People at Risk by Allowing Blood Services Union to Strike

More Signs of Incompetence Show NDP Are Not Ready to Govern

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Toronto -- In another sign Andrea Horwath and the NDP put ideology ahead of reality, they would rather let blood services unions strike indefinitely than protect Ontario’s delicate blood supply. 
Allowing a strike at Canadian Blood Services would have severe consequences for our health care system. Ontario would run into serious blood supply issues in as little as three days.
O-negative red blood cells: Two to three days
Platelets:Two to three days
O-positive, A-negative and B-negative red blood cells: Within one week
Specialty phenotype red blood cells:Within one week
All other groups of red blood cells:Within two weeks
But that’s exactly what the NDP would do. 
In May, the Liberal government amended the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act to add the Canadian Blood Services. This protects Ontario’s blood supply by making Canadian Blood Services workers essential services who cannot strike.
The NDP voted against this amendment, with NDP MPP John Vanthof saying “we’re opposed. I don’t think we need any discussion.” (Hansard, May 3rd, 2018) 
And now Andrea Horwath admitted to the Toronto Star that she would never legislate striking workers back to work if the NDP were in charge.  
Horwath’s position flies in the face of the Alberta NDP, who passed legislation in 2016 making blood supply services strike-proof. She also seems unaware that Ontario has an excellent record of dispute resolution with 98% of all agreements reached without strikes or lockouts. 

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