Doug Ford’s Conservative Party is Riddled with Harper Tories Who Don’t Care about People’s Pensions

They Blocked Better Pensions Before, Who’s to Say They Wouldn’t Do It Again

Thursday, May 24, 2018

(Toronto) Doug Ford’s Conservative Party is full of Harper Conservatives, the same Conservatives who actively blocked an expansion of the Canada Pension Plan. Who’s to say they wouldn’t do it again? Doug Ford and his Harper candidates don’t care about acting on the pension problem – they’d rather just leave it to the free market to work out and let people fend for themselves.
Here’s a list of the veritable who’s who of anti-CPP expansion Harper Tories involved with Doug Ford’s Campaign:

  • Jenni Byrne – Harper’s Campaign Manager
  • Kory Teneycke – Harper’s Campaign Spokesperson
  • Paul Calandra – Harper’s Personal Parliamentary Secretary
  • Steven Lecce – Harper’s Director of Media Relations
  • Greg Rickford – Harper’s Minister of Natural Resources
  • Susan Truppe – Harper’s Parliamentary Secretary for the Status of Women
  • Parm Gill – Harper’s Parliamentary Secretary for International Trade
  • Daryl Kramp – Harper’s Member of Parliament

Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal Party made a promise to the people of Ontario to fight for pension reform and an expanded CPP. We were successful in achieving that expansion. With Doug Ford’s Conservatives filled with so many Harper Tories they could put better pensions at risk.

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