NDP: Take a Closer Look

Too Risky, Too Radical

Saturday, May 26, 2018

TORONTO—The team around Andrea Horwath is among the least prepared that this province has ever seen. Here are some highlights:

If you thought her platform would help make you feel better, think again. Here’s what her half-baked promises look like: 

  • $1.1 billion property tax increase on small and large business 
  • Absolute refusal to end lengthy strikes including teacher strikes and Canadian Blood Services 
  • A plan that doesn’t add up with two major errors: 
    • Billions in unintended cuts to critical programs like autism, developmental services, women’s shelters and opioid strategy, and 
    • $1.4 billion arithmetic error on the reserve each and every year. 
  • Immediately close Pickering Generating Station, cutting 7,500 jobs and increasing hydro rates by $600 million.  
From an oil-wrestling promoter, to an anti-sex ed activist, to candidates who are under investigations—this is the NDP team Andrea Horwath would rely on at Queen’s Park.  

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