Reminder: Doug Ford *STILL* Doesn’t have a Platform

Ontarians Deserve to Know the Depth of Ford’s Cuts

Sunday, May 27, 2018

TORONTO—Doug Ford appears to be doing everything he can to not release the details of his plan to cut services and programs families rely on.
Earlier this week, veteran Conservative MPP Lisa Macleod provided the most recent in string of contradictory promises about their platform: that it would be released “in the next couple of weeks,” even though election day was two weeks away.
Since becoming leader, Ford has made billions in promises – eclipsing former leader Patrick Brown’s costed People’s Guarantee.  Don Drummond, former Chief Economist at TD Bank, weighed in recently after taking a look at the long list of Ford promises.
Mr. Drummond confirmed that Ford has been lying all along: the Conservative leader would have to axe jobs to make his plan work and that his promises are so expensive the Conservatives would run the largest deficit of any of the major parties.
           “They have not explained how balancing the budget would be

           “It is difficult to see how such a large spending reduction could be
           achieved in the near-term and possibly even the medium-term without
           reducing the wage bill.”

           “In brief, it seems that announcements to date would increase rather
           than eliminate the deficit.” 
[Source: Maclean’s]
Ford’s half-baked plan would compromise Ontario’s healthcare system, our education system and many vital services that families need. With only 11 days before election day, Ford is withholding details to avoid the onslaught of criticism he will inevitably receive.
Doug, it’s time to come clean.

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