NDP Candidate Controversies Continue to Mount

NDP Fields a Team of Inexperienced, Risky Candidates

Sunday, May 27, 2018

TORONTO—A growing number of Andrea Horwath’s candidates have come under fire for their controversial views. NDP candidates Monique Hughes and Paramjit Gill took to the streets to protest the Liberal government’s revised Health and Physical Education curriculum. Now they’re part of Andrea Horwath’s team, even though Andrea herself agreed the new curriculum was long overdue (Toronto Sun; February 23, 2015).

On Facebook, Monique Hughes expressed being inspired by anti-sex ed protests, so she began organizing her own. Paramjit Gill in social media posts, likened the updated curriculum to “sexsual abuse”[sic] and promoted a 2015 protest against the curriculum.

It’s unclear why Andrea Horwath would sign off on candidates who have more in common with ousted social conservative Tanya Granic Allen than her own party. When asked directly, all Horwath would offer in response was “People have different opinions, but as a New Democrat in this election we will be continuing with the curriculum as it stands and we will be expecting every single one of our candidates to stay on that position.”
How can Ontarians expect the NDP to protect the sex ed curriculum when their own candidates actively campaigned against it?

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