Doug Ford’s Platform Finally Unveiled

Leaves a $40 Billion Hole To Be Filled by Future Cuts

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Doug Ford is running to be Premier, and says he has a plan. But where is it?

He’s promised to cut programs and services, but hasn’t told Ontario voters which ones.

He’s promised to spend, but hasn’t released a platform with a breakdown of costs — only blurting out numbers when pressed by journalists.

The Conservatives call their promises “modest” but the truth is that they will require severe cuts to implement.

Don Drummond, former Chief Economist at TD Bank, analyzed the grab bag of information Doug Ford has provided and confirmed what most Ontarians already know: 

  • “They have not explained how balancing the budget would be accomplished.”

    “It is difficult to see how such a large spending reduction could be achieved in the near-term and possibly even the medium-term without reducing the wage bill.”

    “In brief, it seems that announcements to date would increase rather than eliminate the deficit.”

Ontarians deserve to understand what the Conservatives are promising, even if Doug Ford doesn’t. That’s why, with the help of his own announcements, interviews and public statements, we created the platform that he won’t release.

No interpretations. 

No assumptions. 

Just numbers coming straight from Doug Ford himself.

Ford’s publicly costed platform can be viewed here:



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