Doug’s Math as Bad As Andrea’s Being Updated in Real Time

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

(Toronto) -- Conservative Leader Doug Ford excels at a few things: being clapped out of press conferences; saying folks; and “selling” party memberships. 

But just like Andrea Horwath and her $1.4 billion mistake, Doug gets an F in math. 
Today, the Conservatives added a few price tags to the website but it is in no way a “costed platform.” As any high school accounting student will know, you can’t have the debits without the credits. Every new dollar spent needs an offsetting revenue or cut. 
Doug’s website only includes the new costs of his promises. It does not include what he will cut to close the $40 billion gap in his plan.  
It is now more obvious than ever that Ford wants to go through this entire campaign without ever showing the full extent of what his cuts will need to be or where he'll make them. 
While Doug's updated website is a poor excuse for a platform, it has unveiled some new interesting facts:

  • Despite having previously announced that their increased autism supports would be in the 2018-19 fiscal year and surpass the Liberal commitment, their website now says that their additional $38 million will be spread “over the mandate.”
  • Ford plans on dismantling existing initiatives to tackle climate change by replacing them with a fund to “reduce garbage in our neighbourhoods and parks.” 
  • The only way for Ford to find $270 million annually by cancelling the Jobs and Prosperity Fund would be by ripping up existing contracts with companies. Sounds expensive…

Luckily, the Liberals today updated their costing of Ford’s promises with his new and changed price tags at


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