Kathleen Wynne Calls for United Front Against Trump’s Tariffs

Thursday, May 31, 2018

(Ottawa) This morning at a campaign stop in Ottawa, the Premier made the following call to action on Donald Trump’s steel tariffs:

I'm calling on Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath to join me in a united front against Donald Trump and ask for the following:

First, we are asking Ottawa to prepare the toughest set of retaliatory measures possible.

And, second, we're asking Ottawa to join with Ontario to put together a package to protect, support and sustain the steel-making jobs in our province until these ridiculous and unwarranted trade actions are repealed.

I did tell the Prime Minister yesterday when I spoke with him that if this were to happen, we would be looking for that kind of support, and so, I am calling on Ottawa to work with us, to put together that package, to support our industry.

This ridiculous action will hurt jobs in the United States as well as across Canada and in Ontario. I have to believe that these trade barriers will be repealed, but until that point, we must make it clear that it is unacceptable and it must have a retaliatory action.

We have to send a signal to Donald Trump.

We have to send a signal that Canada will not be his doormat.

Ontario will not be his doormat.

We need to push back against this action.

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