Premier Wynne Pledges Support Package for Steel Industry

Premier Taking Action With Call for Equal Federal-Provincial Support to Sector

Friday, June 1, 2018

HAMILTON—Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Hamilton today to stand with steel workers and to highlight the need for urgency in responding to President Trump’s unacceptable tariffs on our steel and aluminum exports.

This morning, Premier Wynne sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to express her support for the Government of Canada’s proposal to act swiftly to impose retaliatory tariffs against the United States, and to outline the next steps necessary for supporting Ontario’s steel workers and businesses. 

Premier Wynne is pledging that her first priority in a re-elected Ontario Liberal government will be to put supports for the steel industry in place. Ontario would provide support to the sector equal to half the hardship imposed by the tariffs and the Premier is calling on the federal government to partner with Ontario and provide the other half, so that the industry can remain competitive while this trade dispute is ongoing.

When Canada is under attack, we must unite and do what’s in the best interest of our people and our businesses. To that end, Doug Ford’s response to the tariffs yesterday was a blunt disappointment. In suggesting he is unwilling to fight Trump on these unfair, punitive tariffs — he is either oblivious or opposed to supporting the industry at this difficult time. Andrea Horwath had nothing to say about a support package for the industry either. Instead, launching a partisan attack on the Prime Minister and Premier Wynne. This suggests she doesn’t know where the real problem lies — in Washington. 

The person working to take away steelworkers’ jobs is in the White House. And the fact that other party leaders appear unprepared or unwilling to take on President Trump now, says a great deal about what they would or would not do after June 7th

Premier Wynne has been standing with Ontario’s steelworkers and standing up for the good jobs in the industry every step of the way and won’t back down from a fight with President Trump. Ontario Liberals are up to the task of handling these sensitive and critical trade negotiations in a way that will secure the best possible outcome for our province. 


“The tariffs on our steel and aluminium exports that were imposed by the Trump administration yesterday are completely unacceptable to me. Steelworkers in Hamilton and across our province deserve much better. As Premier, I will always fight for our steelworkers and the good jobs in this industry – both to repeal these unfair tariffs and to make sure that the industry has the support it needs to stay competitive until that happens. That’s what the job of Premier requires.”

—Premier Kathleen Wynne


  • Ontario’s steel industry directly employs 16,000 people and represents 70 percent of Canada’s steel-making capacity. 
  • Over the last year, Premier Wynne has met with 37 Governors and dozens of senators, congress people and senior members of the U.S. administration. 


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