407 Bills Should Not Be Allowed As Voter I.D.

Doug Ford’s 407 Data Scandal proves bills can’t be used legitimately

Saturday, June 2, 2018

TORONTO – Multiple media outlets have published reports of Conservative operative Snover Dhillon allegedly stealing data from the 407.

Typically, any verified piece of information that shows proof of address can be used as identification in the Ontario election.

Given that Doug Ford and the Conservatives have still not come clean on whether this information is in their possession, Ontario Liberals are asking Elections Ontario to not allow 407 bills to be used as voter identification.

“Letting someone vote for Doug Ford with only a 407 bill is like letting a teen into a nightclub with a fake I.D.,” said Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Deb Matthews. “That’s why Ontario Liberals wrote to Elections Ontario asking for 407 bills to be excluded from the democratic process due to the reports that dozens of Conservative Candidates potentially benefitted from stolen data.”

Equally as worrying is the possibility that the stolen 407 ETR data is potentially still being used right now by the Conservative Party to help them in the provincial election. Mr. Ford has had an opportunity to act and has failed miserably. 

We’re asking him – again – to do the right thing and immediately take the following steps:

  • Call in the OPP to conduct a province-wide investigation of these nomination practices
  • Purge all Conservative databases of any illegally obtained data. 
  • Fire all candidates with links to the data breach and Snover Dhillon’s nomination services. 
  • Invite a similar investigation by Elections Ontario to reassure the public that the integrity of the general election will in no way be compromised. 
  • Disclose all party ties to Snover Dhillon and the full results of all internal party investigations into nomination practices.

Mr. Ford indicated that he is ready and willing to do everything in his power to rid the rot from his party. But he has rejected an external probe of this matter in the past. Given the gravity of these allegations, complete honesty and full transparency is the only option available to Mr. Ford.

Until Ford does this, we believe the 407 bills should not be used as proof of identify in this provincial election. 

Read the Ontario Liberals' Letter to Elections Ontario

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